Economic Consequences of Unethical Behavior: An Organizational Context Model

Baker, B.., Derfler-Rozin, R., Pitesa, M., & Johnson, M.
Paper accepted at Organization Science
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Compromised Ethics in Hiring Processes? How Referrers’ Power Affects Employees’ Reactions to Referral Practices

Derfler-Rozin, R., Baker, B., & Gino, F. (2018)
Academy of Management Journal, 61(2), 615-636
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Reducing Organizational Rule Breaking through Task Variety: How Task Design Supports Deliberative Thinking

Derfler-Rozin, R., Moore, C., & Staats, B. (2016)
Organization Science, 27(6), 1361-1379
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Unethical for the sake of the group: Risk of exclusion and pro-group unethical behavior

Thau, S., Derfler-Rozin, R., Pitesa, M., Mitchell, M., & Pillutla, M. (2015)
Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(1), 98-113
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When customers exhibit verbal aggression employees pay the cognitive costs

Rafaeli, A., Erez, A., Ravid, S., Derfler-Rozin, R., Efrat, D., & Rozilio, R. (2012)
Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(5), 931-950
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Social reconnection revisited: The effects of social exclusion risk on reciprocity, trust, and general risk-taking

Derfler-Rozin, R., Pillutla, M., & Thau, S. (2010)
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 112(2), 140-150
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Logos and initial compliance: A strong case of mindless trust

Rafaeli, A., Sagy, Y., & Derfler-Rozin, R. (2008).
Organization Science, 19(6), 845-859
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In Progress

Jolted into Generosity? How and why jolts to groups affect individuals’ generosity and the consequences for status conferral

Wee, E., Derfler-Rozin, R., & Carson Marr, J.


Motivation purity bias: zero-sum view of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in selection decisions

Derfler-Rozin, R., & Pitesa, M.


The elevator pitch: how it influences selection decisions, and how it should

Derfler-Rozin, R., & Pitesa, M., Isaakyan, S.


Lack of material resources hinders integrative value generation by inducing a zero-sum construal of success

He, T., Derfler-Rozin, R., & Pitesa, M.